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Thank you for caring about people who need God’s Word!

Help print the Gospel of John and put it in the hands of a Bibleless person!

Matching funds from My Father’s World can double the impact of your donation

Right now the Gospel of John has already been translated in five different languages! Unfortunately, there’s a problem. There are no funds to print them.

But you can help print and distribute the Gospel of John with a special Easter gift as low as $9.31.

That’s because it costs just $9.31 to print one copy and put it in the hands of one person.

$46.55 will put the Gospel of John in the hands of five people, and $93.10 will put it in the hands of 10 people!

And My Father’s World will match your gift, up to the first $10,000. So, any amount you’re able to give will put the Gospel of John in the hands of twice as many people!

Will you please send a gift of $9.31 to print & distribute one copy? Or even better, would you send $46.55 to print & distribute five copies?

It is still impossible for these people to get the Scriptures — even though they’ve already been translated — because there’s no money to print them.

It would be tragic if these Gospels never got put into the hands of the people who need them.

These people are still waiting for the transforming power of the Gospel of John. But you can fix that.

Your gift of $9.31 will be used to print one copy of the Gospel of John and put it in the hands of a Bibleless person.

You can be the reason that someone can receive the Gospel of John and be transformed.

John’s Gospel is a powerful tool for evangelism, discipleship, and spiritual growth. It tells the story of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Wouldn’t that make the perfect Easter gift?

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Yes! I want to help put the Gospel of John in the hands of a person in Eurasia.


Billing address

Give by Check or Billpay

Mail your check payable to:

God’s Word for the Nations
P.O. Box 1259
Rolla, MO 65402

Your entire gift will go toward the project with the greatest need.

Many banks offer a free billpay feature which can be used to send a one-time gift or to establish recurring monthly gifts. Set up your bill pay to the address above. If an account number is required, enter 25104462.

Children at Grahan Camp - Sar Pass (YHAI), Sosan, India