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Let’s print the Simplified Indonesian New Testament!!

Every $1.29 can print not one but two copies!

The entire New Testament has already been translated into Simplified Indonesian, but there’s a problem. The funding available to print these New Testaments has run out and the printing of Scripture has stopped.

The cost for printing one Simplified Indonesian New Testament is just $1.29. But a generous donor will match the first $12,500 received by October 15.

Will you please send a gift of $1.29 by October 15 to print not one but two copies? Or even better, would you send $129 to print 200 copies?

We want to raise $45,000 by October 15 so that we can continue printing the Simplified Indonesian New Testaments.

Many Indonesian people are still waiting for the transforming truth only found in God’s Word. If this Scripture is not printed, then many Indonesians will continue to live — and die — in spiritual darkness.

You can fix that.

Let’s get these New Testaments printed so that God’s Word can change their lives!


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Yes! I believe everyone should hear of God’s love in their own language.

Please use my gift to give Scripture to those without a Bible.

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Your entire gift will go toward the project with the greatest need.

Many banks offer a free billpay feature which can be used to send a one-time gift or to establish recurring monthly gifts. Set up your bill pay to the address above. If an account number is required, enter 25104462.