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You Can Help Everyone Hear of God’s Word in their Own Language.

When you donate to God’s Word for the Nations, you’re helping people receive Scripture for the very first time.

Many ethnic minorities view the national language of their region as the language of the oppressor and would never come to faith in this language. Bible translation reaches to the heart of an individual and communicates that God speaks their language.

A woman from a Muslim culture, fluent in her native language as well as Russian and English, wondered which language was her heart language. She was a Christian for many years before the New Testament became available in her native language. When she read a Gospel in her language for the first time she said it was like becoming a Christian all over again.

“I now understand things I never understood in Russian or English. This is my heart language.” She is now committed to full-time translation of the Old Testament in her language.

“I now understand things I never understood in Russian or English. This is my heart language.”

One Evenki man and his wife (from Siberia) had listened to Russian Christian Radio and purchased a Russian New Testament to learn more about God. They read it many times but simply did not understand the message. When given a Bible portion in Evenki they read it overnight and claimed the next day,

“Now we know that God loves the Evenki and wants us to know Him.”

Bible translation is a long, costly process that is significantly under funded. This is why we partner with individuals, families, churches, and businesses to provide needed prayer and finances. Please consider a gift to God’s Word for the Nations so that Scripture can be available to those who have no Bible in their language.

All of your gift will go directly to a translation project—your donation is never used to help pay operating or administrative costs. We strive to develop a relationship with every supported organization to more effectively understand and meet specific needs.

Yes! I want to give Scripture to those who have no Bible in their language.


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Children at Grahan Camp - Sar Pass (YHAI), Sosan, India