Pioneer Bible Translators

Four-thirty A. M. Islamic prayer call rings out on loudspeakers. One hundred Christian seminary students use that as their cue to assemble in their chapel to worship Jesus. This day a Pioneer Bible Translator is their guest. He shares that in their country where, we have just begun working, 450 language groups do not have even one book of the Bible in their language. When he asks the students how many speak a minority language, virtually every hand goes up. By the end of his message, fifty-five students express a keen interest in becoming a Bible translator!

Our vision is to see transformed lives through God’s Word in every language. This is the latest new opportunity God has placed before us. We need to raise startup funds to further our work in this new field. Doing so will help us to partner with these fifty-five seminary students and equip them with the tools necessary for success in bringing God’s Word to their own people in the language they understand best.

Everyone Needs to Hear of God's Love in Their Own Language!